The idea of a happy dog and a cranky cat together startled the internet.

Caesar and Roma are the newest strange couple on Instagram. Roma moans like a cat, but Caesar is a content dog. The fluffy friends get along great and enjoy having adventures together.

Although Roma seems grumpy, he is the best cat I have ever met; he welcomes everyone to pet him and provides incredible cuddles, remarked Liu. However, the owner was hesitant about Caesar’s reaction because he needed a cat. After first avoiding one another, Caesar and Roma ultimately became curious about one another. The pair’s uniqueness was gone in just one and a half months.

Currently, the pair spends two hours each day outside with their owner, a talented photographer, discovering new areas.

Liu posts new photos to the couple’s Instagram account. The audience appeared to like the contrasts between the pairs. When they’re not traveling, Caesar and Roma are frequently spotted cuddled up on the couch at home. Liu gushed over her adorable canines, “I adore waking up to the two of them regularly, and I cherish seeing them as a family; I can’t fathom a life without them.

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