All day long, the small puppy carries sticks to his closest friend.

The same large family of rescue animals took in these two. They had been excellent pals from the start. They bonded the moment they met, according to the mother of the couple. For some reason, they were drawn to one another right away. When they first met, they instantly fell in love.

They can no longer be kept apart. They are now always together and spend the entire day together. These two animals like bonding over food, rest, and tanning. They travel everywhere together as well.

The dog particularly enjoys expressing his devotion to his brother. Although he kisses the turtle, he prefers to show his love by giving it one of his most valued possessions—sticks.

Every time my dog finds a stick in the yard, he takes it over to offer it to the turtle, their mother added.

The turtle, for the most part, seems unconcerned as the dog circles it with his stick. The dog will never stop bringing the turtle sticks, even if he doesn’t like them as much as his sibling does.

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