81-year-old owner is saved from drowning by a brave dog when his wheelchair falls into the water.

The dog was able to save the owner when his wheelchair started to go off the mountain into a large lake.

81-year-old Harry Smith is a wheelchair-bound person.

He was walking his dog, Sarah when he started to sink into the water. The dog saw his owner in the water and swam to help him. Sarah tried to wheel him out with the wheelchair but couldn’t so she started barking loudly to grab people’s attention. Officer Adam Doty, Edward Suhling, and Jacob Chaco all jumped to the dog’s defense when they heard it.

They observed the old man straining to keep his head above water nearby and the dog splashing in the water. We dove into the sea together, Edward Suhling recalled. “Then he grabbed the man’s arms, and I grabbed his legs, and we pulled him to the shore together. When Harry was discovered on the beach, an ambulance was sent for him. The man was unhurt, but his electric wheelchair had been damaged by the water.

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