They made the decision not to remove the dog from the shelter and instead left it on the bus.

There are a lot of people in the world who do not know what it is to be accountable. Such individuals had this gorgeous puppy when it first appeared, and they had made the decision to take it out of the animal shelter, but they changed their minds on the way and left it on the bus.

The staff at the shelter had been looking for him the entire day since he had gone missing. They allowed him to get off one bus, but he got on the next one and rode that route the rest of the day.

While he was away on a wonderful adventure, volunteers and average citizens began searching for him, but it took them until after midnight to locate him and bring him to the same shelter.

He is still there for the time being, and they are looking for a new, loving home and owners who are willing to take care of the dog.

The dog enjoys playing with children and is adorable, gentle, and social.

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