Kittens discovered behind a warehouse with a cat, one of which is very attached to its mother.

A cat and its litter of kittens were discovered behind a warehouse. One of them had a close relationship with the girl’s mother. A woman was informed by another animal rescuer about a street cat with five cubs. A small group of cats was scuttling around behind a warehouse when the rescuer noticed them.

As soon as she brought out a pile of food, the kittens began to appear one by one from all directions. They were grazing on food because they were hungry. The mother cat was estimated to be around five years old. She was severely underweight when she and her babies arrived.

“There was no food available, so they were eating leaves and grass,” the mother explained.

The reassuring and motivating presence of the mother cat helped the terrified kittens come out of their shell. The purring cat reassured them that they were safe. She embraced love as if she had yearned for it her entire life.

We got the puppies when they were eight weeks old, which surprised me because the cat was so thin. One of the infants was noticeably quieter and smaller than the others. Her clinging to her mother, massaging and touching her, was typical. We’ve discovered that there is always a baby who requires more attention from his mother.

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