This dog was discovered during one of the largest dog fighting raids in history.

Dog fighting is already prohibited in many parts of the world. Even though some countries continue to allow it and consider it legal, the fact that it makes dogs’ lives miserable remains. Some people are simply heartless. They allow themselves to watch as these poor dogs rip each other apart until one of them gives in.

Fortunately, this dog was one of the hundreds who escaped punishment in the ring. He is actually one of the younger dogs. He was rescued, and he has since become a symbol for mistreated animals. It didn’t take long for the dog to get help.

But the assistance didn’t stop there; a couple also pitched in to assist. The couple was certain that they wanted to adopt the puppy, but there were two conditions that had to be met. Because they were expecting twins and he would soon become their uncle, the tiny puppy had to be kid-friendly from the start. Finally, the couple wanted to make sure the dog and his family were doing well!

A new family and a new home for the dog have arrived. The dog appeared to get along well with every child he met. They ended up becoming his legal human companions for the rest of his life.

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