This tiny puppy was raised with a stuffed animal and refuses to leave the house without it.

While children frequently become attached to a stuffed animal and refuse to leave the house without it, the same is not always true for our dogs. They, too, may develop romantic attachments to their stuffed animals and find themselves unable to function without them.

This dog will not leave the house without his plush animal dog. When the dog was first purchased, the owner purchased the plush toy as a welcome to your new home gift. The owner anticipated that the toy would aid in the dog’s adjustment and that he would immediately adore her, but she was unprepared for what happened. The dog ate everything except the toy.

He won’t do anything unless he has the toy in his mouth, not even wander around the house or hang out.


The dog and the toy are currently inseparable, to the point where passing neighbors recognize and respect the legendary pairing and stop to photograph them while out for a walk. Because of how closely the toy resembles the dog, it almost appears that the dog is holding his own little self.

The owner described the dog as a “attention seeker,” “a bit quirky,” and a “true explorer” in addition to being a very sweet and adorable dog.

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