When a dog assists a sick bird, the bird expresses its gratitude in the cutest way possible.

The heroic deeds that dogs are capable of have been demonstrated numerous times. All dogs, regardless of breed, are filled with compassion and eager to assist. And once again, this sweet dog demonstrates to the world what canines are capable of.

The dog and his human father had a very peaceful evening. Inside, the dog’s owner was on the computer, while the canine companion sat on the floor and gazed out the window. But then he began to complain. The owner initially ignored him, but after realizing something was wrong, he decided to investigate.

The owner was led to the balcony by the dog.

A small bird was lying on the ground, seemingly not breathing. Before checking again, the man assumed the poor little soul had died. “I immediately concluded the bird was dead,” the man explained, “so I invited the dog inside.”

At that point, I believe I saw the bird wink. When he realized the boy was only unconscious, he took him into the house and provided him with the necessary care. I was ready to let it go, but first I took some pictures with it. Then it spun around in my living room and landed right on top of the dog’s head!

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