Despite going missing, a memory-impaired woman is found by her loyal dog.

Thanks to her loving dog, Maxie, a Texas woman who was missing in a park for days has been found safe. Sharon, 64, got lost while taking a stroll with Maxie despite being familiar with the routes and recently experiencing memory loss.

The deputies spent days searching the 2,800-acre park with the assistance of Sharon’s family and friends without turning up anything. Friends of Sharon’s kids have organized a search party for their friend’s mother. When Maxie started barking, they soon stopped.

There were probably no other dogs around at the time, so when they heard her bark, they immediately recognized her.

Sharon and Maxie, on the other hand, were OK. She wasn’t puzzled; she was just disoriented and unsure of what to do. The rescuers might not have found her if Maxie hadn’t alerted them. “This dog was with Maxie and had no collar; he stayed by his side for four days,” says Sam, Sharon’s son.

And that just emphasizes the dog’s unwavering loyalty. Maxie, their brother’s dog, died two years ago. He’s the last thing we have of him, Sam said.

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