The three cats were stumbling around the streets before this angel of a lady stepped in.

A woman once came upon a dog in need of assistance. When a cat approached her and begged for food, she was helping the dog. Then another cat joined them. As well as another when she went to buy some cat food, which she frequently had on hand.

“I started chatting to neighbors and discovered that these animals had been placed here five months ago,” the woman claimed. Before releasing the cats, the woman had intended to treat and vet them, but the more she observed the cats, the less she believed they belonged outside.

Instead, she called her husband to inform him that they were going to be adopting three kittens that evening! Even though she only had one cat carrier to fit them all in, the three of cats were happy to travel together on the way to the woman’s home.

I was positive that these were indoor cats that had been sent outside, she said after petting them. When I learned this, I thought it was unfair to leave these cute animals on the streets.

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