A kind woman adopts an odd cat with additional ears that he was born with.

This woman offered her assistance as soon as she learned that 15 stray kittens had been discovered overnight on the streets. She had gone to the shelter to see the cute kittens, and she had fallen in love with one of them right away.

The cat has demonstrated to be fairly social and affectionate; he enjoys cuddling, sleeps close to his owner, and gets along with other furry creatures. Alisia has the same play and character-building abilities as other kittens. If he is not given candy, he instantly snatches it from the person in front of him and leaves.

Aisha meows loudly and prowls around the house when she’s bored to get attention. The cat consistently engages in discreet play with the plush mice. Neither the cat nor its owner is bothered by the extra ears. He does, however, struggle with his appetite on occasion. Aisha has a considerable online following.

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