A stray ginger cat and a lonely truck driver form a close friendship.

Jack operates a truck. He and his pet Wally have traveled extensively. Jack was distraught when the cat died. Because he missed his pal while on his lengthy journey, the man decided to adopt a cat from a shelter. Jack was introduced to Maple, a ginger cat that had previously lived on the streets, by a shelter employee. The cat proved to be loving despite having a difficult childhood.

The man brought the cat inside. For two weeks, Maple was transported by train across the Midwest. The man stopped in Ohio on his way to Indiana. Maple leaped from the truck, chased the bird, then vanished without a trace.

Jack looked for him but was unable to locate him. His cat was abandoned. On his Facebook page, Jack commented on Maple going missing.

Calls to Ohio shelters were made to assist him. Maple emerged from the car when Jack arrived in Virginia. The cat was able to remain in the pickup vehicle. When Jack opens the cabin door, he now keeps an eye on the cat.

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