After spending 2478 days in the shelter, the cute puppy is still in disbelief that he has been adopted.

It so happened that this dog had spent much too much time in the shelter. Lia West, however, had no intention of giving up. Every time the puppy spotted his owner, he excitedly waved his tail to show his enthusiasm.

In 2011, someone saved him and brought him in so that the staff could help him find a home. When visitors arrived, they might choose from puppies or young dogs. The guests were hesitant to let the dog in. He had been waiting for a while and was having difficulty.

On the 2478th day of his stay, a young guy by the name of Bran finally joined the refuge. Lia West was pleased to hear that he expressed what everyone at the firm had been waiting to hear for a very long time.

The man ultimately determined that this is the precise pet he wants to welcome into his home after learning about the dog’s past and seeing his images!

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