After saving the little, one-eyed cat from Cairo’s streets, a man was determined to find her a better life.

Minnie is the name of this cat. She was an abandoned kitten that had just one eye (the other eye was underdeveloped) and lived on a Cairo street (Egypt). The kitten was in horrible health when Cairo resident David discovered her, and there was no cat mother nearby.

The man decided to help because he saw Minnie was lonely. A staff member at the animal rescue facility where he spoke with the animal decided to look after it.

David began caring for the kitten at that point, taking it home, feeding it, etc.

The kitten changed completely in a flash. The cat Minnie arrived on May 31 after a 15-hour journey. A volunteer with the organization said she was such a kind and kind kitty.

She merely desires to receive affection. She has only been with us for two days, yet she already recognizes us. The kitten is right now perusing the area in quest of a new residence and owner. Thankfully, this story has a nice ending. We are grateful to the kind folks that helped adorable Minnie.

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