Pit Bull has been tasked with caring for the kittens, and he simply wants to do it daily.

This Californian family adopted Ollie the pit bull three years ago. Except for Norma the cat, the dog quickly became friends with every member of the family. On the other side, a mustachioed independent pet is still being courted by the pit bull.

Ollie turned out to need someone to keep an eye on him. As a result, the pit bull’s existence was finally given meaning when Jennie chose to take in Winny, a pregnant stray cat.

Winny gave birth to five cuddly kittens a few days later. In contrast to Norma, the mother cat is submissive to the big dog and lets him take care of her young. Ollie had anticipated this as well.

The kittens’ care was assumed by the Pit Bull. And Jenniedecidedn to adopt cats and give one to the mother. The kittens began exploring their surroundings as soon as they could walk.

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