The new close friend of this unusual cat won’t stop hugging after taking another opportunity.

Walle the cat was taken to a nearby shelter after being rescued from the side of the road when he was only 6 weeks old. A student girl who was considering becoming a veterinarian saw him there and was struck by him. It was found that Walle was not in good health. But his face was the main issue.

From the moment of conception, it was malformed. When Walle arrived, he found a variety of animals that the child had also stolen from hiding places inside the student’s house.

One of them was Cola the Pit Bull. The dog’s most delicate emotions were quickly felt by Walle as well. Cola also started taking care of the kitten. They are currently joking around, strolling, and cuddling.

Although Cola has always been kind to many other animals, the girl asserts that her connection with Walle is complicated. The trainee made the decision not to ever again entrust Walle to unreliable individuals after witnessing the dog and the cat forms a friendship. She chose to look after him. Walle gets along well with Cola and the other animals despite being 10 years old and big enough.

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