A baby calf that is spared while it is sickly develops a strong attachment with a kind dog.

The choice to take in the motherless calf was taken by a caring couple. The poor creature was ready to meet the same end as his mother when the wonderful couple intervened to save his life.

The young cow was in excruciating pain as a result of illness. He had a fever, was coughing, and was having breathing problems. Though doctors checked on the calf frequently, the terrified couple didn’t believe he would survive.

Thankfully, the tough young cow recovered, but only with the help of the family’s loyal dog, who never left his side, comforting and caring for the calf in his special way. Once he met him, they became friends. The dog was kissing, licking, and grooming his new friend. He was anxious about his fading health and was willing to do whatever it took to help his partner get better.

The calf is now overcoming the difficulty to play with the companion who saved him. They have a connection. They are constantly interacting with one another around the yard. This makes them both happy and joyful.

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