The dog crushes hearts as it waits patiently for an owner who will never return home.

This dog was taken off the streets and brought to a shelter by a bystander in late January. Even seasoned employees were taken aback by the dog’s actions.

The dog sits by the window all day long, presumably watching for someone to come get him. Every time someone walks by, he stretches his entire body forward, then droops when he realizes the person is gone. The dog was certainly not a stray, but little was known about its owner until it became clear that he was an elderly man who had just gone away.

The shelter was informed that the dog had not only lost his owner but also a close companion with whom he had shared a home. Others were impacted by the dog’s story on social media. More than 2,000 people posted comments on the dog’s Facebook post. The shelter requested that people post about the dog on social media to him in his search for a new home.

More than 3,000 individuals read the article, which aided the cause. The dog had been found, came the happy news in the final days of January. The shelter employees spent almost seven hours reviewing each application before identifying the owner of the dog.

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