This nice man enjoys recycling: Chimney the dog is a plastic collector.

Chimney the dog and his owner Kate Pollak travel throughout Arizona. They cooperate to harvest plastic. Since 2011, Chimney has resided with Kate’s family. After that, Kate brought him up from the shelter and saw his obsession with used plastic bottles right away.

Kate recalled that if he had found them, he would have grabbed them with his teeth and brought them to her right away. She frequently commended Chimney for his efforts, which piqued his interest. Also urging his owner to protect the environment was the four-legged creature. They make an effort to better the world by providing all of these amusements.

Chimney is the real star of their escapades when Kate posts them on social media. He served as an inspiration to many people. We regularly participate in cleanups, so people can’t help but notice him. The expression “Chimney has shown up!” is common.

Kate noted that everyone wants to say hello to him and watch him in action. The dog keeps placing things in his mouth to clean up the surroundings.

He constantly motivates me to improve and exerts every effort to protect the environment. Kate said, “He makes this work simpler.

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