The oddly born “two-faced” kitten grows up to be the cutest cat ever.

Even if you were able to stay away from dishonest people, you most definitely wouldn’t let this double-dealing cat alone. Let me introduce Nana, a lovely little kitten with unexpected online trends. Nana, a British woman with short hair, has extraordinary two-tone fur.

The pet’s owner, Stephanie, felt they would be together forever as soon as she first laid eyes on the cute little critter. Despite living in France with her family, Nana has managed to stand out thanks to some adorable pictures of her. In addition, I can genuinely state that she has improved in cuteness since she was a kitten.

A “fantasy” animal is a rare type of normal oddity in which a person is created from cells from at least two eggs, and Nana is a lovely example of one.

Nevertheless, they combine to form a single species with two distinct DNA types. At first, Nana appeared to be two identical cats, but with time, she underwent a wonderful union.

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