A crafty cat convinces a dog into entering his box so that he can be alone himself.

Kilo the cat was once a stray, but he detested it so much that he accidentally ventured into the yard where he met Elon and later was adopted. He was loved, cared for, and adored for a very long time. But when Elon acquired a golden retriever named Bucky, everything changed.

The owner is used to the cat being pampered and always getting his way because he was saved. Elon claims that Kilo just wants the best things for himself, including the best food, surroundings, and attention. When a puppy, particularly an energetic one, suddenly came, Kilo was not pleased about having to share his mother’s attention.

The dog enjoys the cat and is constantly looking for him to play with or snuggle him.

After upsetting Kilo, Bucky goes into a box. When he wants to be close to her, Bucky continuously follows Kilo. Then he swiftly pushes the box’s door open. Three months have passed while Kilo has been putting his little friend in there, but the puppy is still unable to understand what’s wrong.

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