Before his family adopted him, a dog from a shelter tried to persuade them that he was a nice friend.

Every dog wants a loving home and owners, but sadly, many animals do not get what they desire. In an animal shelter, they showed Ronny, a sweet pit bull persuading that he would make a wonderful companion.

As though trying to impress his companions with his domesticity, Ronnie makes the bed while holding the blanket in his mouth. They fell in love with the puppy the moment they saw this heartwarming video that the shelter posted on social media. Ronnie, on the other hand, had his tail wagging when he saw see the couples. They went on to state that choosing a new pet after losing their previous one was difficult for them.

They were certain they wanted to make the dog feel wonderful as soon as they saw him. The Pitbull is the ideal example of how this breed can be obedient, and compassionate.

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