Following his selection as best man and donning his suit, the dog steals the show throughout the wedding.

In front of a big crowd of family and friends, as well as their devoted dog Inko, who acted as the focus of attention throughout the entire ceremony, Mike and Emily Mikaelson of Michigan (USA), recently exchanged vows.

At the owners’ celebration, the best man was a three-year-old puppy dressed in a gray tux. He addressed the difference with dignity. The dog was the friendliest and loveliest boy.

Inko was one guest we truly wanted at the wedding. Before deciding that he would be the best man, Mike Mikaelson said, we contemplated making him the ring bearer because he is our closest buddy in the world. The majority of the photos of the newlyweds feature the cute pooch. They were overjoyed that he had joined them on their most joyful day.

The dog was taken home when the wedding celebrations became too loud so it wouldn’t be bothered by loud music and other pleasant activities. The wedding went smoothly, and Inko was fantastic. He was still being praised for his talent. Mike spoke with Emily.

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