People decided to help the neighborhood dog after seeing his situation.

The locals, who feared this dog and called her “the Wolf,” avoided approaching her. However, they were not aware that the wild beast required assistance. The dog roamed California’s streets along the side of the road for months at a time, and things only got worse. Except for a small area on his head, the dog had shed almost all of his fur. The dog further resisted being approached by humans or other dogs. Fortunately, the animal protection service received helpful messages from kind people.

The puppy was cared for by a volunteer named Meghan, who later said that seeing him had touched her emotionally.

Until she gave the dog a closer look, she was unaware that it was a German shepherd.

The dog’s various issues prevented him from fully experiencing life. He was recognized as Konge, and it was discovered that he was just a year old, making him quite young.

He had his back worked on and made a quick recovery because of the skillful, kind, and loving vets.

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