The cat purrs every day because she is so happy to have the puppies in a cozy home.

A pregnant cat visited a Virginia animal shelter. When the two-year-old cat first met her foster family, she was expecting a better life. However, she instantly fell in love with them.

Ficky, the pregnant cat, quickly made it known that she needed cuddles and attention from her job. The kitten appeared satisfied since she had a place to call home and, more importantly, a variety of foods to satisfy her appetite.

She was in love with Abi and would cuddle up to her as her foster mother, waving her little paws in delight. She was ecstatic and purred with joy because she had a good family that gave her whatever she desired. As soon as Ficky felt cozy in the nest that was made especially for her.

The cat was at ease knowing that her mother was there to support her.  Ficky then started taking care of her six kids, doing things like feeding, cleaning, and other motherly things.

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