Take a look inside a woman’s house to see the more than 1,000 cats that call it home.

She actually “vacated” one of her bedrooms to give the cats a little more room. Meet Lea, a “cat woman” with a warm spot in her heart for our furry pets.

While she spent the majority of her life advocating for animal rights and trying to save as many animals as she could, she was also aware that many animals still had to be left on the streets. She decided to let a sizable number of stray cats into her enormous 4,300-square-foot home as a result. She is currently home to almost a thousand cats!

Fortunately, Lea’s property is big because she actually “moved out” of one of her rooms to give the kittens a bit more room. Lea wants to stay in the simple trailer in her yard even though her home has five bedrooms.

She is therefore surrounded by cats and lives near nature. Lea established California’s largest free cat sanctuary over 30 years ago. Numerous animals’ lives have undoubtedly improved thanks to the sanctuary throughout the years.

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