The adorable kitty is so happy to have found a loving home that it cannot help but smile.

There are reports of a small kitten being happier than ever and for good cause. The adorable little creature has officially left the shelter after finding a new home. The wonderful fluffy ball has been beaming ever since moving into her new house, and the internet is gushing over how adorable she is! Luke, now five months old and abandoned when she was just a few weeks old, has just been adopted by a loving family.

The animal-loving Utah family, including Luke’s parents, instantly fell in love with the cute kitten. It couldn’t be otherwise, though, based on her gorgeous smile!

The parents still needed to come up with a name for her after welcoming her into their comfortable new house.

But it was fairly simple because of that smile and that gorgeous face. They gave her the name Luke in honor of the well-known Star Wars character. Luke immediately acclimated to her new way of life since she is just as kind, energetic, and lovely as she is. The animal made pals with her sibling and brother right away.

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