When a small girl finds the pet she thought she had lost forever, she sobs uncontrollably.

A young girl loses control of her emotions as she discovers her lost puppy after nearly two months. The small girl can be seen cradling her beloved puppy in her arms once more, overcome with grief, in the video of the heartfelt reunion. When Milky the dog got lost in San Antonio, Texas, his family was concerned that he wouldn’t be found again.

Without success, they searched for him for more than two months. They also informed the police and handed out flyers all over the place in the hopes that someone would spot him.

Fortunately, a police officer located tiny Milky and returned him to his family, rescuing the situation. After receiving a report of a dog running amok, Herrera went to the location and saw Milky right away.

The deputy promptly informed the dog’s family that their pet was secure. The fact that Milkie was still alive brought his family a great deal of comfort. The best response came from two girls who couldn’t believe they were holding Milky in their arms once more. It’s possible to observe the girls laughing merrily.

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