The girl is delighted when her parents present her with a dog as a surprise.

This young child, who has always wanted a pet, is overjoyed when her parents surprise her with a puppy. She cries out in joy. Bella had asked her parents for a dog for years, and she was a sweet and lovable young lady.

The young girl insisted on a puppy even though her family already had a large and lovely rescue dog. Bella’s family was dubious of anything, but they decided to give her a pleasant surprise because the young woman had just had troubles.

Her parents decided that a pet would be a great companion for her at such a young age and would make her very happy.

Her father had stunned her by telling her he had some of Bella’s stuffed animals for her as gifts.

The young girl accepted the first, and when he gave her Ariya, her brand-new best friend, she started crying. As she showed her daughter her new pet, Jennie shared in her delight.

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