After discovering abandoned kittens in an alley, the cat takes them in.

Six little kittens from a litter that looked to have been left by their mother in an alley in Chicago ended up there. Volunteers took the kittens to the city’s animal shelter as a result. Two volunteers from a charity stepped up to give the children the specific attention they required to thrive in foster care.

Thankfully, Jennie took three of the kittens to her foster home and Lida brought three of the kittens home with her. Bell, one of Jennie’s house cats, has a reputation for helping out any visiting kittens.

Since returning to the house more than a year ago, the cat has remained and assisted. She has always been incredibly amiable and helpful.

The three foster kittens, Fiona, Ola, and Max, came out of the box and began to investigate the house. They resumed their journey in good spirits after discovering an abundance of food and toys to play with.

They developed into lively, inquisitive kids who loved playing with their toys.

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