After falling in love with a kitten, a pit bull rescuer decides to keep her for the rest of his life.

Many pet owners believe that dogs and cats do not get along since the majority of dogs hate cats. Some canines are indeed so friendly that they get along with almost any animal they encounter.

Introducing Bubble, a sweet and caring pit bull who likes to play with kittens. Bubble is a loving and caring dog. Bubble’s mother, Becca, rescued him from a shelter.

Becca’s roommate raised another litter of kittens that had been left behind until they were old enough to be adopted. Becca and her roommate were taken aback by Bubble’s response. Instead of disturbing the kittens, he became friends with the entire litter. He grew up to be a big brother because of his love of kittens and want to care for and watch over them till they were adopted.

As a result, the owner filled out adoption forms for numerous rescue organizations. She had been applying for a rescue cat for weeks when an organization informed her that a kitten was looking for a forever home. Isn’t it wonderful? They consistently manage to refute your assertion that diverse animals can’t be friends.

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