When a man sees two puppies abandoned in the middle of the road, he steps in to save them.

Jody, 30, decided to take the 12-day break while his employer was closed. Before coming back to California, he planned to travel to three states. He came discovered two abandoned puppies by the side of the road on the second day of the journey and realized they needed assistance.

He decided to pick them up and transport them to the closest veterinary hospital since he couldn’t bear to leave them on that desolate road. The man decided to bring the puppies on his journey after realizing he could not leave them to their destiny.  The puppies visited several national parks and three states over these twelve days of the tour.

Silky and Zilo are the names Jody gave the puppies. The man believed that these two puppies were completely different from one another even though they are connected. Jody is unable to imagine himself by himself even though they traveled to 37 different states during this time.

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