After the mother cat rejected the kitten, the kitten was welcomed into her litter by the cat.

A young sphinx that had just been born was sent to the California institution. The mother of the cat reportedly had no willingness to care for the cubs. Although they were aware that his mother’s care was his only hope. The center employees started giving the cat bottles. A cat named Arina that had been brought to the center from another shelter six days later started showing interest in the kitten.

She was a mother already because she had her kittens. The cat was happy to welcome the young Lavender into the family. Though, now that her mother had abandoned her.

She gained the cat’s devotion, and she started to be treated as if she were her own. The director of the center remarked, “Arina pledged not only to feed Lavender breast milk but also to offer her affection”.

Lavender immediately regained her energy while being watched over by her foster mother. The entire family will begin looking for a permanent residence. As soon as the veterinarians have done their thorough assessment of Lavender’s health she will be moved to her new family.

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