This puppy is sure to capture your heart because of his teddy bear-like appearance.

Introducing the bear, the well-known dog now taking social media by storm. There is no doubt that we have seen a lot of cute dogs. However, its teddy bear-like appearance often leads people to mistake it for a stuffed toy, which is what differentiates this furball.

His age is 6 years old. Due to his unusually fluffy fur and chubby appearance, he is often compared to a cute teddy bear. He is a northern Chinese dog known for his extremely thick double coat. On the neck where the fur is particularly dense, it resembles a mane.

Every young person or adult wants his hug when he comes home from work or school. His owner uploads his photos and videos to Instagram. The goal is to make people realize that, like all dog breeds, how humans socialize with them and treat them is what matters.

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