We found these stray kittens based on social distancing practices.

Experts have expressed concerns about how quickly Covid can spread. Many nations have enacted policies to address social isolation to improve the overall social environment. To discourage gatherings with several people who ignore social norms of isolation, the authorities continue to make frequent visits to different households.

Thank goodness the kittens will always be there to help us learn the right way through their clever behaviors. When a woman visited the Philippines, she discovered that the people there were very different from the people she was used to. The adorable kittens were all around the sidewalk rings, but they all kept a safe distance from each other.

Some users found the fact that “those cats are smarter than many humans” amusing. Many other shops and markets use this strategy to keep consumers from getting too close to each other and reduce the risk of choking.

If you ever find yourself feeling lost in today’s society, take a look at these kittens. They are experts at handling the complexities of life.

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