The expressive eyebrows on this cat have gone viral on the internet.

Meet Browie, a cute cat who became well-known for sporting peculiar eyebrows. His eyebrows appear raised due to the black fur markings around his eyes. Amelia, Browie’s mother, and he share a bedroom.

Browie was a stray kitty before Amelia took him in. When she saw him wandering about the neighborhood, she and a few of her neighbors tried to feed him, but he refused.

He avoided interacting with the other stray cats as well. The cat would be brought inside, Amelia determined. She brought him to the veterinarian so he could see how he was doing.

Even when he isn’t an online celebrity, Browie is still a very unusual cat, as Amelia noted on his website, “We discovered that he was okay on our first visit to the doctor.” He likes to play with you while following you around the home and hiding on top of the refrigerator.

Following his internet success, Browie began receiving an increasing number of invitations to shows when articles about him appeared in magazines and newspapers.

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