Check out this incredible feline, which is so big that everyone thinks it looks like a dog.

Even though he is still a young cat (under two years old), this cat weighs close to 28 pounds. It is a lot considering the average feline of this type may weigh up to 18 pounds and will continue to grow until he is 3–4 years old. He’s grown to be so big already?

I had no idea! She appears unconcerned because she is happy to cuddle the cutest animal in the world. Despite his size, he is a sensitive giant. He lives in a modest neighborhood with his mother. The owner says she didn’t anticipate this when she initially met the cat over two years ago and is delighted that her furry companion has become an internet celebrity due to his larger-than-average size.

The owner remarked, “He may come out as menacing, but he’s a genuinely nice and quiet kid. He is an intelligent feline. He has a special ability to sense the atmosphere of a location. It doesn’t yell, gripe, or destroy furniture. It’s interesting to see how other people react when they see the giant, she continued.

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