A dog chose to take in and care for some stray kittens.

A woman from Maryland walked her dog three weeks ago. She heard a voice nearby suddenly while it was cloudy outdoors. She and her companion followed the sound and found a tiny red kitten.

While the girl held the dog in her arms, Bambo made no move to calm down; instead, he rushed off to the furthest corner of the courtyard. Two other kittens were sleeping among the wet, fallen leaves.

The absence of the mother cat suggests that the kittens were abandoned. Marie rushed the kittens to the doctor. After they were examined there, the woman took them home. nice.

Bambo quickly started to circle them, taking every safety measure imaginable. The kittens proved to be quite agile and cute. They instantly began playing again after opening their eyes, and their exuberance was contagious.

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