A dog with abundant hair that was immobilized was helped by veterinarians.

Employees of the Humane Society did not immediately recognize that they were in the presence of a living being when they found this dog. Ellie Mae, the infant, was so big that the volunteers said she was the worst example they had ever seen.

The tiny creature’s thick fur was extremely knotted and filthy, and it could hardly move at all. No way to unwind or comb existed. The dog, who was about 11 years old, was left home alone when her owner passed away.

Elie Mae wasn’t first noticed there for unknown reasons; she wasn’t taken away until she resembled an old fur cloak.  The vets could start their work once the infant was tenderly cared for.

Thankfully, this wasn’t necessary, and the dog was fine. Doctors are aware that they come into this circumstance frequently. Elie Mae “exceeded” every client who had been to the clinic!

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