A good-hearted family took in a dog with issues and did all possible to make her the happiest dog ever.

Dog Inna is missing certain parts. Nobody wanted to put up with how she was being treated, and a foster home was not mentioned. The puppy was discovered by an animal rescue organization in the UK, and once they raised money, they sent it to Canterbury.

Sadly, Facebook has pictures and a story about this puppy. A dog like that was untouchable. This continued until a post on Inna caught the attention of a particular lady.

It was Kelly Comfort, a dedicated government employee, and animal lover. They had three dogs by that point. Kelly initially placed the puppy in foster care, promising to care for her until she found the dog the ideal home. So, it took place. The Comforts took Inna in as a child! To raise money for the Border Collie’s prosthetic limb, Kelly and her husband Ross established a fundraising campaign.

When she first started trying to raise money for a dog’s operation, the woman created a social media page for her. She is a very tolerant dog.

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