Kitty asks for help and begs people not to be rude after giving birth to kittens in the heat.

Due to the heat, the pregnant cat was in poor condition, and animal rights advocates found out about her on social media. They asked everyone who passed to at least give the cat some water.

Volunteers agreed to publish her tale in a group with a similar theme in exchange for her taking good care of herself. But as time passed, the cat began to stray.

The volunteer never got in touch with the same animal rights enthusiast, but she said that the cat had already given birth to kittens the day before. Next to the highway, she gave delivery. People simply crossed the street without making any attempt to assist the animal.  The kids have already claimed one of the five kittens she gave birth to.

They started treating the young mother right away because she was in bad shape. Fortunately, she recovered. The shelter staff is currently trying to figure out how to keep both the cat and the kittens.

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