Dog makes up for being missed to receive attention.

The dog came up with a brilliant plan to win even more human adoration. While jogging, Alyson observed a small white puppy on the sidewalk. She was wearing a collar, but neither a leash nor her owner was in sight.

The girl concluded that the dog was lost since it was staring at her with much pleading. Alyson approached and saw a sizable sign from the dog’s owner attached to a fire hydrant.

“Haber is my name. I consider this to be my home. To come over and touch me, I’m acting lost.

The report also included content from Harper’s Instagram account. The dog has been with a family for more than three years despite being homeless at one point.

Harper loves it when others notice her, even though the new owners showered her with attention all the time. She frequently dashes outside into the street to talk to strangers.

Harper’s owner was forced to let her out on her walks, but she chose to put up a sign so that no one would try to steal her.

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