How stray cats kept the Japanese restaurant Diorama from having to close because of the pandemic

Due to financial issues, Naoki Teraoka’s restaurant business in Japan was about to shut down. On the other hand, stray cats helped him save his life. In Osaka, Naoki Teraoka opened a small eatery called “Diorama” in 2018.

Its main attraction was a set of scale-model railroad tracks, complete with trains, bridges, stations, and even teeny workers. Although the facility gained popularity, the COVID-19 pandemic threatened to force its closure in 2020. The Japanese didn’t chase the four-legged away when she decided to visit “Diorama,” they fed her and allowed her to play with model trains.  The cat started to come back to the institution, bringing other canines with her.

Then Naoki wanted to take pictures of cute animals and post them on social media. Visitors who came to the facility specifically to see the furry troublemakers were drawn in by this. Visitors were awestruck by the cats’ interactions with the miniatures and the guests. All of these contributed to Naoki Teraoka’s success and ability to stay open.

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