Recently, after the family was unable to care for them, a shelter stepped in to save a group of cats at a family home outside of Quebec.

Kittens stick together and seek medical assistance before it’s too late. The rescue organization realized that four additional little kittens in the same family required assistance. They acted immediately. Two volunteers arrived at the location. After an hour and a half of traveling, they were able to transport the four kittens to a secure location.

As soon as the family declared their intention to keep the adult cats, the rescue institution pledged to help.

The kittens cuddled on the trip to their new home. For further “protection,” little Britt positioned herself between her elder brothers. After visiting the doctor, they visited their foster family.

They also started the breastfeeding process. The four cats quickly began to open up after settling in and feeling at home in their foster home. Toddlers enjoy cuddling up in warm laps or being held by their adoptive mothers.

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