The four saved cats cling to their dog as if it were their mother.

A San Francisco animal shelter got a help request for a litter of two-week-old kittens two weeks ago. After hours, they arrived at the sanctuary. The majority of rescue groups were overworked, and bottle-fed kittens required more work.

They were cared for by one of the volunteers and her sisters so they could receive treatment all day long in the comfort of a home. They were generally in good health, albeit a little dirty. The four cat brothers quickly finished the bottle of kitten food. They thoroughly cleaned themselves before falling asleep in their comfortable bed.

The close-by Husky was determined to assist them. Every time his family brings home a new litter, the dog enjoys visiting the various young kids they have adopted throughout the years. The soon as the kittens spotted the dog, they knew she was their mother, and they rushed to be by her side.

The bravest of the four, Jetta, jumped on top to encourage her dog lover because she adored her. He grew enamored with the dog and followed her around like a baby duckling.

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