An adoptive child and his dog have a remarkable friendship that has gone popular online.

Martin, a little child who had been adopted by the dog’s owner, entered the house, and the dog was ecstatic to see him. When both the puppy and the infant were 10 months old, they made friends and have remained such ever since.

As they got older, friends experimented with new things and celebrated holidays. They tried out new things to do and occasionally got into mischief. Viking and Martin are now true brothers who enjoy spending time together after being friends for a very long time. Even though they interact frequently, the dog and kid are always pleased when they first meet in the morning.

Martin needed a furry friend to help him fit in with his foster home, and Viking seems to be aware of this. The woman comments, “Watching their friendship touches my heart.”

The Lewis family just expanded by welcoming a daughter. She brought another dog into the family with her. Giving the young girl a canine companion to match that of her elder brother immediately felt a connection.

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