Everyone would smile if something went wrong when a female was snapping a picture of the dog.

An image of a photographer’s dog that she shared on social media made everyone laugh out loud. Dolly loves snow and would happily spend days playing in snow drifts, so his owner took him for a walk in the snow-covered woodland. The dog quickly started to circle the area after realizing where he had come from. Lila decided to take a beautiful picture of the wooded setting while the puppy was having fun.

The girl added a filter to the image to enhance its detail. Dolly happily stepped into the camera as Lila began to film. Anyone who has ever shot a panoramic photo is aware that an object in motion will cause the image to be distorted.

Lila stated that sometimes it just appears strange, but other times it’s really funny. It ended up being a very hilarious dog picture. It would be unfair, the girl reasoned, to keep such a masterpiece a secret. She posted the picture on social media as soon as she got home.

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