A dog inconsolable with witnessing his owner fall into the river waited on the bridge for four days.

In China, a dog was waiting for its owner after the latter dove into the river. Yet another tragic tale from Wuhan, China.

The owner of a dog that had been lying on the Yangtze River bridge recently jumped into the water, according to workers who are reconstructing the bridge. The leashed dog can be seen reclining on the bridge’s surface or gazing into the river in the photographs that have been made public.

Xu, a local, tried to help him, but he refused food and water. On May 30, a man, presumably the dog’s former owner, leaped from the bridge, according to police. Sadly, the dog has no way of understanding what motivated him to behave in this way.

He appeared resolute and acted without hesitation, according to witnesses. The dog escaped as Xu tried to hoist it off the bridge and ran off in an unknown direction. Animal shelter employees and nearby residents are hoping that they will find this puppy, who is still missing.

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