A stray kitten that has developed feelings for a dog keeps coming to see him.

Many individuals consider animals to be more than just pets. When a puppy was introduced into the mix, everything in this home was altered. Their spouses’ purchase of a puppy turned their lives entirely upside down. The owner of Puppy said that the dog was highly active.

There was laughter all over their house once the puppy came. A new kitten lived in the garage of a nearby neighbor. As a result, he chose to decide to take the puppy for a walk. The cat had the chance to play and cuddle with the puppy when he showed up outside.

The owner was aware that their friend will be there to greet them when they got back from their walk. The dog and cat became pals in real life. The dog incessantly asked to see the cat. The more time passed, the more challenging it was to separate the friends. The owner observed the cat one day waiting for them in the pouring rain as it began to rain. It was difficult to watch it with objectivity.

Even though he was drenched in the rain, he was relieved to be at a friend’s house.

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