A large red cat walked into a shelter and started talking to the people inside.

Ancel is the name of the adorable, plump cat with red fur. He was missing for seven years. He finally found the peace he was looking for when he ended up in an Oregon shelter. Since this cat sanctuary was already too full to take any more cats, he was transferred to another one in Sherwood.

Doctors started treating him. It didn’t take long to see that the cat had an intriguing way of interacting with people. A very high, squeaky, off-putting meow will be heard in response to any attempts to get in touch with him, creating the impression that he is doing so.  According to volunteer Heather, the cat appears to be exceptional. Kitty stands out for his size and stunning cheeks.

The beauty also has a meow that sounds like human speech and has the same tenor as the inquiry. His extremely kind and calm demeanor, which is unusual for a street cat, frequently serves to highlight his beauty and distinctiveness. Sandy, a great woman, decided to take ownership of him right away.

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